SIT8252 2-Cell Lithium-ion/Lithium Polymer Battery Packs Protection ICs

Package: SOT-23-6

General Description

The series of SIT8252 ICs is best created for 2-cell lithium-ion/lithium polymer rechargeable battery protection and it also comprises high-accuracy voltage detectors and delay circuits.

These ICs are suitable for protecting 2-cell rechargeable lithium-ion/lithium polymer battery packs against the problems of overcharge, overdischarge and overcurrent.


2-cell lithium-ion rechargeable battery packs

2-cell lithium polymer rechargeable battery packs


(1) High-accuracy voltage detection circuit

Overcharge detection voltage VCUn (n1, 2) 4.10 to 4.50V Accuracy ±25mV

Overcharge release voltage VCRn (n1, 2) 3.90 to 4.30V Accuracy ±25mV

Overdischarge detection voltage VDLn (n1, 2) 2.00 to 3.20V Accuracy ±100mV

Overdischarge release voltage VDRn (n1, 2) 2.30 to 3.40V Accuracy ±100mV

Discharge overcurrent detection voltage (by option)

Charge overcurrent detection voltage (by option) Accuracy ±20mV

Short-circuiting detection voltage 1.0V(fixed) Accuracy ±0.2V

(2) Delay times are generated by an internal circuit (external capacitors are unnecessary).

Overcharge delay time 1300ms typ.

Overdischarge delay time 160ms typ.

Discharge overcurrent delay time 10ms typ.

Charge overcurrent 1 detection voltage 10ms typ.

Charge overcurrent 1 detection voltage 5ms typ.

Short circuit delay time 200μs typ.

(3) Low current consumption(Products with Power-down Function)

Operation mode 5.0μA typ., 9.0μA max. (VDD=7.8V)

Ultra low power-down current at 0.1μA max. (VDD=4.0V)

(4) High-withstanding-voltage device is used for charger connection pins

(CS pin and OC pin : Absolute maximum rating = 32 V)

(5) 0 V battery charge function available / unavailable are selectable

(6) Wide operating temperature range 40°C to +85 °C

(7) The SIT8252 series are Halogen-free, green package

Typical Application Circuit

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