Gas Price Display


Applied to gas station and the need to announce the price of goods places. A variety of mainstream led color: Red/Green/Yellow/White. 100M range can be directly through the wireless RF remote control input digital. Support computer cluster control. Major digital models: 6", 8", 10", 12",15",18", 20", 22", 24",32". For details on the size of the number segment, please refer to CAD drawing.

GAS Price Display Connection Diagram

RF Remote Operation Manual

1. RF wireless remote using features:

Simple operate, WYSIWYG; Controllable range about 100 meters, High-precision and high-sensitivity; Free wiring engineering, Working offline.

2. Funtion key description:

RF controller

Key name


Power ON/OFF


Press “ESC” once, stop working; Then press “Ok”

turn to editor interface

Digital editing (

Move cursor,Target the number to be changed


When editing is completed, press OK to confirm and save exit


Decimal point editing. Example: (→88.88)


Digital show or not. Example (09.88→9.88)


Increased brightness


Reduced brightness


Move to next group or next cabinet


Press “F1”+”B+” change to auto brightness, Press “B+” change to manual brightness


Backup function extension key


Backup function extension key

3. Precautions for use

Remote control range


1.Remote control distance is 100 meters. If there is an obstacle in the middle, the controlled distance becomes closer

2.It work correctly when remoter and receiver are same code, factory default using blank standard coding.

3. There are other groups in the adjacent location Digital screen requires remote operation, please change the remoter and receiver code. Otherwise, interfere with each other. Please refer to the “Coding Operation” for remoter and receiver code change.

4. Remoter standard battery type:<23A/12V>, To replace the battery, you can search online for 23A /12V.

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