SIT8036 1-Cell Lithium-ion/Lithium Polymer Battery Packs Protection ICs

Package: SOT-23-6

General Description

Sit8036 has built-in high-precision voltage detection circuit and delay circuit, which is used for the protection of lithium ion rechargeable battery / lithium polymer rechargeable battery IC

This IC is most suitable for the protection of overcharge, overdischarge, charging overcurrent and discharging overcurrent of single section lithium ion / lithium polymer rechargeable battery pack.


Cylindrical lithium-ion rechargeable battery or lithium polymer rechargeable battery.


High voltage resistant device: absolute maximum rating 12V

Built in high-precision voltage detection circuit: overcharge detection voltage 4.30 ± 0.080v

Discharge overcurrent 1 detection voltage (VCC - 0.18) ± 0.03V

3-stage discharge overcurrent detection (Discharge overcurrent 1, Discharge overcurrent 2, Load short circuit detection)

The delay capacitor is built-in and no external capacitor is required

It has the function of charging 0V battery

Anti reverse connection function of charger

Anti reverse connection function of battery

Low consumption current:

Typical value during operation: 25 μ A maximum value during sleep: 0.1 μA

Typical Application Circuit

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